Thursday, March 14, 2024

A Nice Trip to the Card Store, Part 2

    The penny sleeves continue! Here will be shown the last 30 of the 65 cards that I bought for a quarter each. Taking pictures of the cards is such a pain, but I really like the hobby, so I won't make myself stop doing it. I'll stop talking and start with a will-be Hall-of-Famer:

    This card was so cool, it was only ethical for me to get four of them. I just figured since Pujols will be making the Hall in a couple years it couldn't hurt to own a bunch of his cards. And this 2012 Topps Home Run Legends card is really cool. I like how in the background of the photo you see a list of the all time home run leaders. It adds a nice touch.

    Paul Konerko was a pretty darn good player, and all of these cards look really good. The Cracker Jack Ball Players card especially got my attention.

I am not a fan of A-Rod, so I really don't know why I got these cards. They look nice, but...I honestly don't know why I got him.

One of the all time great Angels in Tim Salmon. I like all of these cards, but especially the bottom right card, which is from the lone Angels World Series year, 2002.

    We reach our first Hall-of-Famer this post in Frank Thomas. In his 19 year career, Thomas hit 521 homers with a .301/.419/.555 slash line. I find it interesting that there are so many cards out there of players signing autographs.

    I don't know why I like the design of the 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary cards so much. I'm not gonna lie, they're really weird. Well, either way, these are two good pickups, being new Hall-of-Famer Joe Mauer and Josh Hamilton. Both of these players won an MVP during their careers, and both won the batting title their MVP years with marks of .365 for Mauer and .359 for Hamilton. Mauer won his AL MVP in 2009, and Hamilton won his the very next year.

Up next we have Jason Giambi. He put up impressive numbers in his career; including 440 home runs, but he admitted using PEDs. Therefore he has been denied the Hall of Fame. He's another player I don't really like, so I'm unsure why I wanted his cards.

These 1995 Leaf Limited cards caught my eye immediately. I started out just with Bret Saberhagen and found Aaron Sele later on. Again, the shininess of the cards won me over. I wonder if that will end up becoming a bad habit...

    Up next we have two Orioles. I've always like B.J. Surhoff, hence the reason you see him on the left. As for Billy Ripken; well, the picture on the card was very reminiscent of those Sidelines cards that I have. That is literally the only reason I picked out that card. 

    This card would be much better if it were a football card. Deion Sanders is in the football Hall of Fame, but it is pretty cool that he was also able to play MLB baseball. He was a career .263 hitter with 53 interceptions.

    I think this 1983 Topps Tom Seaver mini is supposed to be a sticker, because on the back it says to 'Bend here and peel back.' But it's a horrifying thought to destroy this... well, card. If somebody does know what this is, please tell me in the comments.

    And finally, we get these three Hall-of-Fame caliber pitchers. The only player currently in the Hall is P-Mart, but CC Sabathia will be making it soon, and Schilling's case is interesting. Though I'm sure you already know the story I will tell it very basically anyway. He didn't like what the Hall-of-Fame had become (a popularity contest rather than a place for the best of the best), and had himself removed from the ballot his last year on it. 

    The back of the Pedro Martinez actually looks really cool. Here it is:

    I seriously had to check to make sure that this was one card. The shadowing on the picture was so good that I thought there was a separate mini-card behind the full-size. But no, it's only one card.

    So, that will do it for part two. This took so long to make that I think I'll give myself a little bit of a break before finishing the giant post with part 3. Anyway, thank you for reading, and I'm out.


  1. Good stuff, especially like the Billy Ripken. Also, you may be the first person to ever refer to Pedro as "P-Mart"! :)

    1. I think I'm the only person to ever call Jordan Montgomery
      'J-Mont.' I just like making up my own nicknames for players. But I think Martinez is listed as P-Mart on Baseball Reference.

  2. Four of the same Pujols? Seek help.

    The Tom Seaver is indeed a sticker. Using it like a sticker, however, is not recommended.

    1. Why must I seek help? Might as well stock up on future HOFers for a quarter a pop.
      And thank you for the clarification. Already stuck Seaver on my water bottle. 🤣

  3. I always enjoy seeing Frank Thomas featured with the A's... although I wish the White Sox would have allowed him to finish his career with them.

  4. For the record, taking photos for posts is far less annoying than scanning for posts.