Sunday, March 3, 2024

Finally Jumped on the Bandwagon

     Well, I finally got some Topps 2024 cards. After all the hype I've heard (and shared), I really wanted to grab some, and I finally found an opportune time. 36 cards for $7.98; could be better, but not bad as compared to the 2021 Topps prices.

    So then, let's show off the spoils, shall we?

    Favorite: Stone Garrett (top middle)

    Least Favorite: Isaiah Campbell (bottom left)

    Like I've heard, the team names have a nice touch of metallic shine. I really like photo taken for Stone Garrett. The salute after the slide makes for a nice snapshot. And Isaiah Campbell; his picture is kind of boring and anticlimactic. The cards on this first page - with the exceptions of Christian Yelich and Brandon Woodruff - lack star power. 

    Favorite: Future Stars Christopher Morel (top right)

    Least Favorite: Houston Astros Team Card (bottom left)

    Being a Rangers fan, I'm not too thrilled about the Astros team card, but, I don't really care. I got the ever-popular screaming Chris Morel card, and the color scheme for the Future Stars is cool. There were also some nice action shots out of Daulton Varsho, Jorge Mateo and Corbin Carroll. 

    Favorite: Evan Carter RC (top middle)

    Least Favorite: Stars of MLB Tyler Soderstrom RC (bottom right)

    Like I've said numerous times, love Evan Carter. Now I have his rookie card to go along with my autograph. The gold-border on Jonathan India is cool, and we get one of those weird blueprint cards. I don't mind the design on them, but it's not even a current player, being Derek Jeter. The Stars of MLB Tyler Soderstrom is ridiculous. He has only 120 MLB at-bats, and is only hitting .160 in that time! Star of MLB? I think not. Not yet, at least. Apparently though, Soderstrom is a Star of LMB. I got the same label on that card that has been pointed out by both Uncle Charlie's Shoebox and Wrigley Wax.

    Favorite: Tyler O'Neill or Jon Gray (top right or bottom left)

    Least Favorite: Carmen Mlodzinski RC (middle left)

    At this point, I'm liking the individual pictures on the cards. Tyler O'Neill gets a nice vein-bulge, and Jon Gray's wearing the Rangers City Connect jersey. Finally we get a true Star of MLB in Aaron Judge, although he doesn't seem to be doing much, maybe celebrating after a hit. It's hard to tell with the lack of background. At least the back says Stars of MLB. I don't mind Carmen Mlodzinski, but he was the only player on this page who I didn't know.

    All in all, not bad. I only got two Rangers, but they were good ones in Evan Carter and Jon Gray in the City Connect jersey.
    If I had to choose a favorite card in the whole package, it would be Evan Carter, of course. That was the only card that received an exclamation when it was pulled. My least favorite card of the whole package was probably the Tyler Soderstrom Stars of LMB card. But I'm not going to complain about the 36 cards for under $8. Glad I was able to find some of the 2024 cards at a decent price. 


  1. My next trip to Ormond should land me plenty (I hope anyways).

  2. As much as I love the A's... even I won't call Soderstrom a star (at least not yet). Hopefully he has a huge sophomore season.

  3. Given the price increase on most cards, the price for these really doesn't seem that bad.