Thursday, March 7, 2024

General Fan Feedback to Gunnar Henderson

    I was looking through my email drafts when I found the draft of an email that I feel is my duty to share. So, where does it start?
    Gunnar Henderson was on my fantasy baseball team at the start of the 2023 baseball season. He started out miserably, hitting just .184 through May 16th. I didn't keep him around the whole season, and my arch-nemesis in fantasy ended up getting him for the good stuff. Anyway, while he was playing badly, here is a draft of an email that I wished to send him, but didn't. The draft is dated June 1 of 2023, and Gunnar was batting .201 at the time. 

First Name: Dominic  
Phone Number: (intentionally not written)
Message: I like Gunnar Henderson, and he is on my fantasy team. However, he is stinking it up, and I just saw a hitting coach for tips. I need him so my team won't hit 0-29 like they did last week. Here are some tips:

First: When striding, step in the same place as you started. This will make it easier to rotate the back hip.
Second: Keep good balance with a good leg kick. It will help you to hit off-speed pitches.

Thank you. (And Gunnar, I need you brother!)

    Oh, that brings back memories. That draft was really fun to write and hilarious to read. Just by reading it I'm sure you can tell why I didn't actually send it.
    But, it seems that after I wrote the draft he decided to turn his season around. After June 1, Gunnar batted 112-for-406, which is .276. And I only had him on my team for a little bit of that time.

And, since this is a card blog, we must include a card of Gunnar Henderson, no?: 

Gee, I wish I looked like that after every game


  1. Weird. I posted this less than an hour ago, and it has 25 views, 22 of them are from an unknown location. Odd...

  2. Looking forward to what he can do this season!

  3. He stunk it up for almost two months and Josh Jung missed 6 weeks to broken bone...Gunnar wins ROY. Should have been Jung. That's okay though Jung gets a ring instead.

  4. HA. Yeah... you dropped him and I got him. Mwahahaha...

  5. I don't play fantasy sports anymore... because I was always the guy dropping a player only to see him turn his entire season around. It was too stressful. Oh... also hated rooting for players when they were playing against my own favorite teams.

  6. I have high hopes for Mr. Henderson.