Thursday, February 8, 2024

The Big Pitcher Post, Part 2

     Okay now. Time to finish my week-long post about my favorite pitcher cards. I realize that it's probably boring to just take pictures of my cards and make you look at them with no good and interesting commentary, so we'll give this a shot. Let's start with my favorite pitcher of all time. 

    Guess who this is? Jacob deGrom is my favorite pitcher ever. He has a high-octane fastball that touches 100 MPH, with filthy off-speed, and he doesn't walk people. But he's hurt all the time, which means I almost never get to see him pitch. When he is healthy though, deGrom pitches to a 84-57 record and 2.53 ERA. Hopefully he'll be able to pitch the last half of the 2024 season for my favorite team, the Rangers.        
    It's funny, I got this card and some others (Bob Locker and John Morris included) when I went to Cooperstown to see the Hall of Fame. The owner of a batting cage saw me and my four brothers and gave us a fat stack of baseball cards. And lo and behold, I was able to get this one and many others not mentioned here.

    This card is very interesting because Corey Kluber pitched one game and one inning for the Rangers his entire career, and I have the card of him on the team. It's interesting, and I thought it was worth sharing. Besides that characteristic, it's just a boring old 2020 Topps card.

    And this is just a regular boring old 2020 Topps card. But I have practically the whole 2023 Rangers starting staff. 

    This 2010 Topps 206 Zack Greinke card came taped to the top of one of those card boxes at the card store. But it's neat. He looks so youthful, unlike the Greinke that we see pitching now. Well, he should hit 3000 K's this coming season.

    Again, I really like these 2007 Topps cards. And the card on the right; apparently Weaver isn't scared to shake off his catcher, so that's nice I guess. Until he shakes him off and gives up a 450 foot home run...

    Again with these glorious 2007 Topps cards, and this one features should-be Hall-of-Famer Curt Schilling. I wonder who I could trick into thinking that's a real autograph... 
And the Fleer is okay too, although I don't like the Fleer cards as much.

    This is a nice 2007 Topps Chrome card of Pedro Martinez. The Hall-of-Famer is often considered the best pitcher of all time. Sporting 3154 strikeouts and a 2.93 ERA while pitching in Fenway, it's possible. Not sure, but possible.

    You may be wondering what the deal with this card is. He's in the middle of his follow-through, but his face is zoomed in. That's because this Topps Decade Greats Best of the '40s Hal Newhouser is a lenticular card; the images change when you tilt them a certain way. I had no idea what the name for the imaging was until I looked it up. I tried to get the other two images as best as possible, so here they are:

    And finally, my Sidelines cards:

    If you want to know who these are, the top left is Randy Johnson (Photographer), the top right is Tom Glavine (Hockey Player), the mid left is Orel Hershiser (Golfer), the mid right is John Wetteland (Musician), and the bottom we have seen before on Shall we Dance? He is Jim Gott, the Karate black belt.

    That will finish the Big Pitcher Post. I'm sorry if this whole thing was slightly boring. I'll try to make my posts more interesting, but I wanted to show my favorite cards of pitchers. Thank you for reading.