Thursday, February 29, 2024

Shall we Dance?... Again

        My favorite post that I've written thus far on Don Cardwell was Shall we Dance? It was on said post that I featured my cards of players in the odd poses. Not only is that one of my most popular posts, but it was also really fun to make. I looked through a box of cards that I recently bought, and hired ten more dancers.

And since we have dancing, we should play music again (though not the same music).

Rather than floating like a butterfly, he floats like a Skeeter

This dance is exclusive to catchers

Why is Greg Gagne on this again?! He probably went straight to Broadway after retirement
(If you look closely, you'll see that Rickey Henderson is the runner)

He looks more sassy to me...

He's shouting, 'Hey!'

Pat Kelly's a Gagne wanna-be

McWilliams's dances have a lot of kicking

This may be a card of Brandon Inge, but look at the baserunner

This may not be as good a dance, but Otis Nixon is smooth

The runner must shield his eyes lest he be blinded by awesomeness

    Well, there you go. I really like these dancing cards, and hopefully will come out with more of these posts. Not only are they amusing to the reader (I think), but they are also fun to make. The photographers who can capture clearly these poses should be getting raises. Happy blogging and thanks for reading!