Monday, February 12, 2024

My Temp's 104!

     'Cause I've got Spring Fever!

For some reason or other, I actually really like these Spring Fever cards. Topps introduced them in 2015, and they're pretty unique. On the back of the cards are some nice cacti and palm trees, and also some fun facts.


    I probably got all these cards in trades with my friend John. I hold these in high regard because I don't have many, and I don't ever see them anymore.

    Bautista was on the Hall of Fame Ballot for the first time this year, but was kicked quickly, receiving an itty-bitty 1.6% of the vote. But I'm not mad, because I personally wouldn't agree with a .247 hitter in Cooperstown unless he has 500 homers. A very good player, nonetheless.

Oh yeah. And David Wright cloned himself. 

If you want to see the back...


  1. I totally forgot about those cards... I have more somewhere - & can bring them next time I see you. Glad you like them.

    Spring training is upon us!

    1. Did you at least get the joke with my temp? It would kill it if I had to explain.

    2. Was it anything beyond "I have spring fever so my temp is high" - is there anything special about 104?

    3. No, 104 was the first number that came to mind. If my temperature was actually that high, I would fear for my life.

  2. I like how Topps took the time to differentiate between Florida and Arizona... with the palm vs. cactus. My buddy just gave me one of these Spring Fever sets. Not sure if it's this one or one from another year... but maybe I'll share it on my blog (if I can find some time to write).