Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Results of my First Trade by Mail and Some Other Stuff

    I just finished my first trade-by-mail on February 24th (today). This trade occurred with my friend over at Johnny's Trading Spot. I traded him a Braves triple card from 2022 (not sure what it's actually called), and got this guy:

    Evan Carter is one of my favorite players, so it was nice to cross him off my Want List. And an autograph too!  You may have seen this exact card on his post for Texas Rangers trade night.

    In addition to the trade, John also sent me a welcome package to welcome me to the card-blogging universe. It was very generous gift that also came today.

    I really like these 2023 Topps Heritage cards. I especially like the photo taken for the Nathan Eovaldi card.

    John also gave me this 2022 Topps Heritage Kole Calhoun card.

    These Chrome 2023 cards are so cool.

    Ah yes, the wonderful Rangers middle infield captured in the glory of Topps Stadium Club. I really like the picture they got for the Seager card.

    And we see another Stadium Club Marcus Semien.

    Again, two more really good snapshots for the Topps Stadium Club.

    A good way to finish with a card of Jacob deGrom, my favorite pitcher. I think it's evident that my favorite team is the Rangers.

    So, thank you John for all the neat cards. And thanks for the trade and the Evan Carter auto. It was quite the gift, and like I said in my second post, Don Cardwell is here to stay.


  1. Nice Evan Carter autograph. John is always very generous at sending cards.

  2. Cool autograph! Hope Carter ends up having a long, successful career. As for John... when it comes to generosity among bloggers, he's one of the heavy hitters.

  3. You beat me to the Carter Auto! I was looking at it and saw that you got it. Great pick-up. I think he's going to be really good.

  4. Nice ones all - especially the Even Carter autograph.

  5. Sweet cards!!! That Carter autograph is a keeper.

  6. Nice trade and good boost to your Rangers collection!

  7. You couldn't ask for a better person to make your first trade with.