Friday, April 19, 2024

Caterpillar Invasion!

     Well, this is a problem. My house has been infested with fuzzy caterpillars. In case you didn't know, fuzzy caterpillars often have poisonous stingers, and believe me, being stung by them hurts like heck. A road I hope not to go down again.

Well, if y'all wanna see a picture of one of these feisty little guys, I can show you one. Yes, the exterminator should be on his way over here tomorrow. Hopefully he can take care of this whole incident. 

    I did some research, and the species of caterpillar I'm dealing with is the pearl crescent caterpillar. Luckily, they do not have stingers, but they still want to take the place over. Here's what they usually look like:


    However, the ones in my house look a bit different. They look a bit furrier, but after inquiring, I found out that they are indeed the same species. What does this have to do with baseball cards? I'll get to that shortly.

    But first, since my caterpillars look different, let me show you what it looks like:

    Yup, this is what it has to do with baseball cards. Yeah, for this little prank I'll probably lose all nine of my followers and nobody will ever read the blog again. Just to be clear, there are no fuzzy caterpillars roaming my house (at least, not to my knowledge). 

    In his defense, I actually do really like his mustache (while true, I'm also just trying to justify this post). Unfortunately, Strider will be out 12-14 months due to an internal bracing surgery to repair his damaged UCL, which is a blow to the Braves and any of their fans (so sorry Johnny's Trading Spot, I feel you).

    Now then, since I was talking about fuzzy caterpillars, here are some more players who had some nice-looking mustaches. I can also add that all of these players had successful playing careers.

Bill Buckner

Dennis Eckersley

Rollie Fingers

    Alright, I need to say two things: The first thing is, yeesh these pictures are blurry! And the second is, now I gotta do a post completely on amazing player mustaches. That'll have to wait until a later date though.

    Well, this post was pretty dumb, but I came across the Strider card in my house and that was the first thing that came into my head. For any of my followers, please don't leave my blog because I'm both a liar and a nutcase. Man, I'm really starting to regret publishing this post... I think it goes to show that I'm at a loss right now.

    Oh well, thank you for reading, and happy collecting. I'm out. 


  1. I love Spencer Strider... but to be honest his mustache is disconcertingly caterpillar-esque. (As are most mustaches.)

    Sorry to hear your house is besieged by fuzzy caterpillars. Weird coincidence because it was only yesterday I learned that there are caterpillars with stingers, and received just general enlightenment concerning caterpillars.

  2. Buckner's caterpillar is pretty darn impressive. As for Strider... definitely bummed he'll be out for ahwile.

  3. The set-up was a bit of a stretch, but fun post nevertheless.