Tuesday, April 23, 2024

My Newest Obsession

     Ugh, don't you hate that feeling when something comes to mind and is just stuck there seemingly indefinitely, whether it's a tune from a great song, a line from a movie, or the band Lifehouse? Whatever it is, when something comes into your head and you can't keep it away, it can be nice, like a 33-song playlist of your favorite band (guilty), or extremely annoying, like if you need to focus on some other task but are constantly distracted.

    Well, while working on my last post, I couldn't get a certain player out of my head. I'm not gonna lie, I don't think this has ever happened to me before, with the exception of Jackson Holliday. Like Holliday, this guy is a rookie, and (unfortunately) unlike Holliday, he's doing pretty well so far. Since he was in my head, I figured I'd post on him. It's like me to over-analyze a certain subject when I'm in the mood. Well, here we are. To be honest, I don't even know why players come into my head and stay there. Kind of odd.

    While I'm certainly not following Jung Hoo Lee, I did do my fair share of research on him while looking into free-agents for the 2024 season. He impressed in Korea, batting .340 in the KBO and .324 when he was 18 years old. He struck out 304 times in 884 games in Korea and currently has a strikeout rate of 9.1% in the MLB, which frankly, is really good. I know he's only played a couple games north of 20, but he's a contact machine.

    Enough being a stat-nerd. I don't really know where this sudden interest came from, but it's quite possible that it's because he's a prospect (kind of) on my former favorite team. The Giants have been playing second banana to the Rangers in terms of my favorite team for about a year now. But seeing as how I was born and raised a Giants fan, I'm still partial to them, so maybe. Otherwise I have no idea why this happened. At least I'm over it now.

    Well, that'll do it for this post. Thanks for reading my sudden whims, which seems to be the running trend with this blog. I can't complain about it though. The people in Hong Kong seem to love it. Enough with the jokes, happy collecting and happy blogging. I'm out.

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  1. They were just talking about Lee on the radio this morning. Actually... they were talking about a fan wearing his City Connect jersey and laughing that he had one before Lee himself. I guess the Giants ran into an issue and didn't get their jerseys on time.