Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Here he Comes; Celebrate the Holliday

    This guy's going to be making his MLB debut tonight at home against Boston's Red Sox. I'm really excited to see what Jackson Holliday (son of Matt Holliday) is going to do tonight. He'll be batting ninth and playing second base, facing Kutter Crawford in his big-league debut. He'll also be starting in the Utility spot for The Fighting Uruk-Hai tonight (just wanted to add that bit into the mix).
    The 20-year old had been in the minors for 3 seasons, and, to put it bluntly, raked there. From A+ through AAA, the #1 prospect had a slash line of .321/.451/.497, and played in Spring Training this year for the Orioles, where he batted .311 and slugged .600 (you can see I'm a stat-nerd). I was rather disappointed that he didn't make the Opening Day roster, but he's here less than two weeks after the start of the season.
    I hope he does well tonight and that this is the start of a lengthy and amazing career. Good luck Jackson Holliday!


  1. You know he's popular when Bay Area radio is talking about him. Orioles fans sure have a lot of young talent to root for.