Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Blog Bat-Around - The Last Base Card

     I was reading one of the latest blogs I started following, and on it the author initiated a Blog Bat-Around for the last base card from your favorite player. I've never done a blog bat-around before, so I thought it would be fun to partake in it. Here goes nothing

    My all-time favorite is Buster Posey. In his twelve-year career, the catcher collected 1500 hits, an MVP award, a Gold Glove, and most likely a Hall-of-Fame plaque. My last memory of Posey's career was in that depressing Game 5 of the 2021 NLDS. In the sixth inning of a nailbiter, Posey went oppo on a 3-0 pitch for a home run to tie the game at one. Later in the game San Francisco would fall behind and then in the ninth one of the worst calls I've ever seen ended the series. Wilmer Flores didn't go.


    Posey retired after the 2021 season. He was getting older and had caught a bit of the injury bug. He had just adopted baby twins the year before and decided to spend more time with his family, which I commend him for. Although it is still weird to see a Giants lineup without good old Buster.

    Well this was fun. Thanks John's Big League Baseball Blog for starting this, and I'll be sure to pay attention to what other bloggers come up with.

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  1. Not a Giants fan... but I did enjoy watching Posey develop into a Bay Area legend.