Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday's Featured Card(s)

      Today we actually have two cards living, or should I say squatting, in the 2021 binder. These particular cards are from the year 2020, and are the first two cards in the binder.

    I have to say, I have no recollection getting these cards, but here they are. Gosh, seeing superstars all dressed up is slightly weird.

    I must say, Pete Alonso cleans up better than Trout. That mohawk; bad decision. Meh, who cares? Doesn't look bad on him. Anyway, these 2020 Topps Big League Award Winners are the first thing you'd see if you were to look into my 2021 binder. Maybe a bad first-impression? 

    The thing that is driving me crazy is the slant that appears from when I took the picture. I need to start scanning cards.

    Back to the cards. Mike Trout is winning the 2019 MVP Award. In 2019, Trout most definitely impressed, slashing .291/.438/.645 (leading the league in OBP and SLG). He hit 45 homers, scored 110 runs, and played in only 134 games. Trout is currently injured (as always), and I just traded him away in one of my fantasy leagues in a giant 5 for 2 deal for Juan Soto.

    Pete Alonso won the 2019 Rookie of the Year award, setting the record for most home runs by a rookie with 53. This beat Aaron Judge's 2017 record of 52, which I'm sure he wasn't too pleased about. He also drove in 120 runs for the Mets.

    That'll do it for this Monday's post. I will not be featuring cards on Mondays for the next seven weeks because my drafts are starting to fill up on the blog. However, I will continue featuring my out-of-place cards once I've finished with the seven posts that need to be shipped out. For now I think I'll stick with Monday and Friday post dates until I'm through with my binders and features.

    As always, thank you for reading, Happy Collecting, and have an amazing week!


  1. Congratulations on landing Soto for Trout. Who else did you have to give up to pull that deal off?

    1. I traded him Mike Trout, Zack Gelof, Evan Carter, Jackson Merrill and Jordan Montgomery and received Juan Soto and Justin Turner. I dropped Turner and used the three spots to add Nolan Gorman, Kris Bryant and Michael Lorenzen. On the outside it doesn't look like too good a trade, but my team's offense was kinda weak and Soto was a huge addition. Some of those guys were sitting in the bench and the guy I traded with wanted lineup depth, so I was up to it.

    2. Scratch that; Sean Murphy came off the IL so I literally just lost Kris Bryant 😥

  2. I agree; Trout's hair did not go with his suit.

    I wish I had Soto on one of my teams...